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Warriors of God- {PDF Epub} Free Download  – by Andrzej Sapkowski

Warriors of God- {PDF Epub} Free Download – by Andrzej Sapkowski

Lisans / Fiyat: Free
Yıl: 2021
Eklenme: Nisan 21st, 2022
Dil: The English
Sayfa: 548
Yazar: Andrzej Sapkowskı

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Warriors of God ; From the New York Times bestselling author of The Witcher: Reynevan—scoundrel, magician, possibly a fool—travels into the depths of war as he attempts to navigate the religious fervors of the fifteenth century.


When the Hussite leaders entrust Reynevan with a dangerous secret mission, he is forced to come out of hiding in Bohmeia and depart for Silesia. At the same time, he strives to avenge the death of his brother and discover the whereabouts of his beloved. Once again pursued by multiple enemies, he must contend with danger on every front.


Full of gripping action replete with twists and mysteries, seasoned with magic and Sapkowski’s ever-present wit, fans of the Witcher will appreciate this rich historical epic set during the Hussite Wars.


Praise for the The Tower of Fools, book one of the Hussite Trilogy:
“This is historical fantasy done right.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


“Sapkowski’s energetic and satirical prose as well as the unconventional setting makes this a highly enjoyable historical fantasy.” —Booklist


“A fantastic novel that any fan of The Witcher will instantly appreciate.” —The Gamer


“A ripping yarn delivered with world-weary wit, bursting at the seams with sex, death, magic and madness.”—Joe Abercrombie


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